Greenberg Olpiner & co

Our firm is devoted to provide a full range of services in the Real Estate arena

Founded in 1994, Greenberg Olpiner and Co. is currently one of the leading real estate appraisal firms in Israel.

Our firm is providing the following services:

Real Estate projects feasibility and economic desirability studies, Town plan accompanying and its associated balance tables, Projects financial escort, preparation of professional reports for prospectuses in accordance to international IFRS accounting rules, formation of rights distribution tables among owners/partners in property, generating expert opinion for court of law, prospectuses and private share issues, managing appraisal bridging and arbitration processes.

Our main goal is providing our customers with the most personal and professional service while keeping uncompromising professional standard, courtesy and on-time schedule.

We comply with Israeli appraisal standards as well as International valuer standards (IVS).

Feel free to explore our webpage and learn more about our team, the range of services we provide and read some of our published works.

Currently, situated in the Toyota Tower, 65 Yigal Alon Street, Tel Aviv, Where we have a panoramic view of the urban Dan metropolitan and quick access to most of the projects that we escort and to our clients.