Dovrat Olpiner – Senior Partner & Managing Partner

Cofounded the firm in 1994 and has close to 30 years of experience in the field of real estate appraisal.

During most of the years served in various positions within the Ministry of Justice Council of Land Assessors’ Supervisory and the land valuers association.

Through the years Dovrat lectured in most of the training programs for Real Estate appraiser and other professional forums.

Dovrat serves as an active member of the assessor’s standardization professional committee and currently is the assessor’s chamber court house chairman.


BA, Social Science from the Tel Aviv University

EMBA from the Recanati Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv

LLB from the Ono Academic College, Ramat Gan


Real Estate Appraisers Association, 1992.


Phone: 03-6259999